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The History of a Game
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By Eales, Richard
ISBN 0951375733
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  260 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Chess - History ]
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Not since Murray's classic work of 1913 has there been a seriously researched history of chess which is also readable. Eales' Chess - The History of a Game takes the reader from the origins of chess over one thousand years ago down to modern competitive play where chess may be regarded as a high earning sport. Avoiding idle speculation, Richard Eales concentrates on what can be identified through archaeological and written evidence. This book remains the key text for lovers of chess history and is regarded by academics and enthusiasts alike as the most reliable work in this area.

Richard Eales has played chess for England and once tied for second prize in the British championship. He is a noted historian in his own right and has been Head of History at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

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