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Spassky's 100 Best Games
The Rise of Boris Spassky, 1949-1971
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By Cafferty, Bernard
ISBN 1843820005
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  260 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Spassky ] [Postwar period, 1945 to c 2000 ]
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Bernard Cafferty is the former editor of the British Chess Magazine and former weekly chess editor of the London Sunday Times. He is also an expert speaker and reader of the Russian language.

In this book he covers the career of the brilliantly aggressive and stunningly speculative Soviet Grandmaster Boris Spassky up to the point where he conquers Tigran Petrosian and becomes world champion. He then carries the story on to the celebrated match of the century against the mercurial Bobby Fischer. In other words, this book contains the very best of Boris Spassky. Spassky's games at their best exhibit an almost mystical feel for the initiative. At times material is offered for little tangible compensation, only for Spassky's forces to gather and deliver some unpredictable death blow. These games are classics and the comments to them are based on the best analyses of Soviet Grandmasters, in whose language Cafferty was, for a western chess writer, uniquely fluent.

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