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Mikhail Tal's Best Games of Chess
The Rise of Mikhail Tal 1951-1960
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By Clarke, Peter.H.
ISBN 1843820013
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Subject [Chess ] [Tal ] [c 1945 to c 1960 ]
Published April 2002
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Mikhail Tal took the chess world by storm when he blasted a path through the titans of the global chess board - Fischer, Smyslov, Keres, Petrosian - and seized the crown of the mighty Botvinnik. Tal sacrificed as if there were no tomorrow and the very greatest were humbled and smashed by his whirlwind tactics. In this book British chess master Peter Clarke takes the Tal story up to his victory in the 1960 world championship, a victory which seemed to herald the death of strategy and the triumph of tactics on the chess board.

Peter Clarke won numerous silver medals in the British Championships, he represented England in the World Championship cycle and he played top board for England in the Chess Olympiad at Havana 1966. He is a fluent Russian reader and his notes access the very best of contemporary Soviet commentary.

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