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Brain Games World Chess Championship 2000, The
The Official Inside Story of Vladimir Kramnik's Sensational Match Win Against Garry Kasparov
By Keene, Raymond and Morris, Don
ISBN 184382003x
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  132 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Chess - World Championships ] [Kramnik ] [Kasparov ] [c 1990 to c 2000 ]
Published April 2002
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Grandmaster Ray Keene, chess impresario, broadcaster and writer, has been responsible for organising more world championship matches outside the USSR than any other person in the history of official contests. In 1986 he brought Kasparov and Karpov together and in 1993 Kasparov and Short. Finally, in 2000, after a five year gap with no world title match, Keene raised 2 million dollars to persuade Kasparov to defend his title in London against the rising Russian star Vladimir Kramnik. To almost universal surprise Kramnik toppled Kasparov after his 15 year reign and won with relative ease. He became World Champion without losing a single game, a feat not accomplished since Capablanca defeated Lasker in 1921. Kramnik's secret weapon was the psychological ploy of exchanging queens early in the game and thus regularly depriving Kasparov of his favourite attacking piece. To this end Kramnik unearthed the unlikely Berlin defence, which achieved world wide notoriety as the "Berlin Wall". In this book Ray Keene, present throughout the match as organiser and commentator for the London Times, gives the inside story of the games, while Don Morris, co-founder of the Brain Games Network, entrepreneur and former chairman of the Champagne Academy, highlights the Brain Games Network strategy for presenting intellectual games to the global community in the age of digital TV, broadband communications and the World Wide Web.

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