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World Chess Championship 1963, The
M.M. Botvinnik v. Tigran Petrosian
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By Wade, R G
ISBN 1843820110
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  228 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Chess - World Championships ] [Botvinnik ] [Petrosian ] [c 1960 to c 1970 ]
Published April 2002
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From 1948 until 1963 Mikhail Botvinnik, the iron man of soviet chess and chess board devotee of Josef Stalin, had maintained his grip on the supreme title, in spite of threats from the younger generations represented by Smyslov and Tal. Now in 1963 a new force arose. Tigran Petrosian was a super subtle strategist who could make even an extra half a square tell in the balance. In this match , which finally broke Botvinnik's dominance for good, Botvinnik was cast in the role of impatient aggressor while the younger challenger eventually triumphed by a combination of extreme patience and the most exquisite endgame play ever witnessed at world championship level.

Bob Wade OBE, Britain's expert on Soviet chess, was ideally placed to comment on the games of this extraordinary contest and to delve into the preparation methods and psychology of both sides. Soviet Chess, his classic work on chess in the USSR, is a companion volume in this series.

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