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Olof's Files 7
A Bob Dylan Performance Guide
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By Bjoerner, Olof
ISBN 1843820285
SERIES Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf
Paperback  400 pages
Subject [Music ] [Folk music ] [Contemporary popular music ] [Rock & pop ] [Performing music ]
Published November 2002
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US Price $49.50   

It was as if Bob Dylan was starting all over again. As if he tried to create a basic, almost chaotic situation in which he began to search for a new concert concept. Not only accepting chaos, but actually creating it. G.E. Smith had left the band and in 1991 Dylan started touring with old stablemate Ian Wallace on drums and a hitherto completely unknown guitarist, John Jackson. He started telling us what his songs were all about, but of course he was only trying to confuse us. "Trust me", he seemed to say, "this may sound unrehearsed, shambolic, but it will all come together, trust me". And in the end it did come together. Multi-instrumentalist Bucky Baxter from Steve Earle band was added 1992, and a period of more country music flavoured renditions started.

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