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A Bob Dylan Performance Guide
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By Bjoerner, Olof
ISBN 1843820366
SERIES Bob Dylan all alone on a shelf
Paperback  380 pages
Subject [Music ] [Folk music ] [Contemporary popular music ] [Rock & pop ] [Performing music ]
Published March 2003
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From secluded family man to active performer. The second part of Dylan's long career started to gain momentum after a couple of low-key years, when he concentrated on his family, seemingly content to change diapers and play with his children. In 1972 a slow return to a more active artist's life started through his involvement in Sam Peckinpah's western movie Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid. In 1973 he again teamed up with The Band and recorded Planet Waves and they started planning a tour together. Although Bob Dylan later claimed that he hated Tour 74, it can serve as the very definition of a "come-back". It was his first major US tour in eight years. There were 40 sold out shows in most major cities in North America and it was based a new successful album. The tour attracted media attention of the first order. It all took its toll though and Dylan's marriage started to disintegrate. As many artists had done before, he used it as fuel to write some of his most famous and moving songs collected on the brilliant Blood On The Tracks album. This was the beginning of one of his most productive periods resulting in another strong and successful album, Desire, and containing the The Rolling Thunder Revue tours in 1975 and 1976.

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