Hardinge Simpole

World Chess Championship 1937
Alekhine's Revenge
By Alekhine, Alexander
ISBN 184382051x
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  200 pages
Published October, 2002
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Having suffered the disaster of losing his world title to the Dutch champion Euwe in 1935, the turbulent Russian genius Alexander Alekhine set about the ruthless task of re-establishing himself at the pinnacle of chess. In these pages we see how Alekhine's preparation, both psychological and technical, bore brilliant fruit. Once he had pinpointed Euwe's weaknesses Alekhine struck with the force of a hurricane and regained the title by virtue of some of the most energetic, accurate and elegant play ever witnessed at world championship level. The notes to the games are chiefly by Alekhine himself but some are written by Dr Euwe, the incumbent champion. Both sides of the contest are therefore well represented.

Alexander Alekhine - a colossus of chess - was twice world champion and a brilliant author, endowed with the secret gift of making the games come alive on the page.

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