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My Fifty Years of Chess
The triumphs of an American chess champion
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By Marshall, Frank J.
ISBN 1843820536
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  252 pages
Published October, 2002
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Frank Marshall's watchwords were brilliancy and attack! For decades he was the leading USA grandmaster and he succeeded in scalping most of the world's elite during that time. Noted as a successful tournament rather than match player, Marshall's hit and run tactics will repay careful study by those who consider entering the hurly burly of tournament chess. For those content to sit by the fireside and play through an entertaining grandmaster game hours of enjoyment are to be derived from Marshall's blitz demolition of his opponents' carefully constructed strategic artifices. As Lasker once said of Dr Tarrasch "if chess were made of glass Tarrasch would be the greatest of us all." Marshall was the iconoclast who revelled in proving again and again that the palaces of crystal could be spectacularly shattered by a well timed blow.

Frank Marshall - many times US champion,grandmaster and conqueror of Lasker, Capablanca, Rubinstein and virtually all the greats of his day - was the heir to Morphy and Pillsbury and the forerunner of Fine, Reshevsky and Fischer. Under his leadership the USA also won the gold medals in the chess olympiad. Marshall's style was direct, almost brutal, but easy to understand and supremely effective -if you want to learn attacking techniques then the games of Frank Marshall are ideal models.

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