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Chess Treasury of the Air
Of hippogriffs, and 'Alice', and many other Kings
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By Tiller, Terence
ISBN 1843820595
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  296 pages
Published October, 2002
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Before television took a hold BBC Radio produced a superb series of programmes on chess.The experts enlisted for this venture constituted a veritable Who's Who of British and World chess of the time: Abrahams, Alexander, Barden, Broadbent, Bruce, Clarke, Euwe, Fraenkel, Golombek, Haygarth, Kottnauer, Pritchard, Rhoden, Sunnucks,and Wade. Favourite games,and gravest errors, masters at work, and a look into the past.

Terence Tiller joined the BBC in 1946.He ran the weekly chess series on Network Three for several years.

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