Hardinge Simpole

Bent Larsen's Best Games of Chess
Master of Counter Attack
By Larsen, Bent
ISBN 184382082x
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  200 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Larsen ]
Published 21 November, 2003
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Bent Larsen is one of the outstanding figures of post-war chess, with top-level tournament victories spanning five decades. His outstanding fighting qualities have made him a great favourite with the chess public and even in the latter stages of his career he remained capable of sweeping victories over world-class opposition. While some other Grandmasters have settled for an easy retirement, Larsen still fires on all cylinders! This classic book is Larsen's greatest contribution to chess literature. It follows his career from his early years in Denmark, through to Grandmaster recognition in 1956 and World Championship contender in the 1960s. At that time he was probably the most imaginative player in the world and was widely regarded as the best hope for a western World Champion. Indeed, in 1970 he held top board against Spassky for the Rest of the World against the USSR, ahead of Bobby Fischer! Although Larsen never quite attained the supreme title, his tournament career remains truly exceptional. Larsen's willingness to fight with either colour is captured by his view that 'all pieces are attacking pieces', an apt motto for the Master of Counter-Attack.

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