Hardinge Simpole

Junior Chess Training:
Improve Your Chess and Win
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By Simpole, Julian
ISBN 1843820900
Paperback  420 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Suitable for UK curricula & examinations ] [Non-standardized educational test ]
Published January, 2004
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US Price $39.95   

A lifetime's playing experience has gone into the writing of this textbook, which covers the three major phases of the game, with special emphasis on the endgame where the vital points are often brought home. But there is more, such as a list of key reasons why errors are made and a discussion of that grandmaster difference.

The book is rounded off by a complete chess course and self-improvement exercises designed to transform talented youngsters into the next generation of GMs. It would be suitable for a Russian-style chess academy, and if implemented would make Simpole the English Dvoretsky! The success of his former students GM Luke McShane, who at the age of eight won the U1O World Boys' Championship in 1992, and prodigy David Howell, who at the same age defeated GM John Nunn, is testimony to his training methods.

This comprehensive coaching manual can be used specifically as a teaching aid for juniors, or enjoyed as chess literature by anyone.

Julian Simpole, Life Vice-President of the Commonwealth Chess Association, has devoted much of his life to organising chess events. These include seven Brighton Internationals, four Watson Farley Williams GM tournaments in London and a GM tournament in Preston. There, Britain's number one Michael Adams scored a crucial norm in his quest to become the UK's youngest grandmaster at that time.

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