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Reshevsky's Best Games - Volume 2
Challenging the Soviets
By Reshevsky, Samuel
ISBN 1843820943
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  236 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Reshevsky ] [Botvinnik ] [Keres ] [Fischer ]
Published 23 January, 2004
UK Price £19.95   
US Price $32.95   <

A companion to Reshevsky's Best Games: Volume 1, this book contains numerous rich masterpieces from Reshevsky's middle years with wins against Botvinnik, Keres and Fischer. Most games are furnished with Reshevsky's own lucid explanations, which aid the reader to gain and convert winning advantages in their own games. Originally published as How Chess Games Are Won. With a new Introduction by Raymond Keene. Sammy Reshevsky became the West's leading contender for the world championship after the conclusion of the Second World War. He took third place equal with Keres in the 1948 World Championship match tournament and twenty years later - after drawing a match with Bobby Fischer - Reshevsky was still competing in the WCC Candidates qualifier. He is a also a major contributor to First Piatigorsky Cup and Second Piatigorsky Cup

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