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Dynamic Chess
How Alekhine and the Russians revitalised chess thought
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By Coles, R.N.
ISBN 1843820951
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  212 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Alekhine ]
Published 23 January, 2004
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This scholarly essay in intellectual progress over the chess board shows how the pessimists who thought chess played out - destined to become victim to the death of a thousand draws - were refuted by the dynamic risky games of Alexander Alekhine, whose legacy lived on in the games of Soviet and Russian champions such as Mikhail Tal. With computers taking an ever increasing role in modern chess and challenging the modern champions Kasparov and Kramnik, the author's thoughts on the inexhaustible creative potential of chess assume even greater significance. R.N.Coles was a chess writer of great distinction with a number of books to his credit, including a biography of the Indian genius Sultan Khan, and co-authorship with Ray Keene of the standard biography of Howard Staunton. Coles was a regular contributor to the British Chess Magazine and Dynamic Chess is his acknowledged masterpiece.

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