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Delights of Chess
Chess anecdotes and anthology pieces
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By Assiac
ISBN 1843820994
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Chess Classics
Paperback  288 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Essays, journals, letters etc ]
Published 23 January, 2004
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Delights of Chess is Assiac's enduring monument. Wit, erudition, grandmaster gossip and profiles of the greats are the staple fare, rather then gruelling analysis or reams of variations. This is the elegant fireside of chess to be savoured with blazing logs and a glass of fine cognac. Heinrich Fraenkel, who went under the pseudonym of Assiac, was a German chess expert who fled the Nazis to take up residence in the UK. Always at the epicentre of every major chess event in his chosen country, Fraenkel had a particular love for the endgame study and for the charming anecdote in chess. He became chess editor for the New Statesman, and authored several books including the English translation of Lasker's biography and best games.

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