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Two Opening Repertoires for White - Volume 2
Aggressive plans for White
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By Keene, Raymond and Jacobs, Byron
ISBN 1843821109
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Classic Openings
Paperback  144 pages
Subject [Chess ] [Chess - Openings ]
Published 23 January, 2004
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A companion volume to Two Opening Repertoires for White: Volume 1, this book details some more aggressive strategies in the opening for White again based on the key move 1d4! Together the two volumes give ambitious White players a complete arsenal of choice against all Black defences. The companion volume is Two Opening Repertoires for White: Volume 1: Keeping control with White.

Byron Jacobs is an international chess master who succeeded Heinrich Fraenkel and Tony Miles as chess editor of the New Statesman magazine. He is the author of numerous books on chess theory and practice.

Raymond Keene is a British Chess Champion,and the first British Player to achieve a FIDE (World Chess Federation) Grandmaster norm. He was awarded the OBE for services to chess in 1985. He is Chess Correspondent of The Times,The Sunday Times,The Spectator, and The International Herald Tribune. He is a prolific author of chess books, several of which are classics of the genre. He has organised three World Chess Championships.

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