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Synapsia 4
The International Brain Club Journal
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By Buzan, Tony (Editor-in-chief)
ISBN 1843821141
SERIES Synapsia
Paperback  356 pages
Subject [Puzzles & quizzes ] [Brain teasers ]
Published 5 December 2003
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Book 4 Contributors include Vanda North, business brain guru and founder president of the Accelerated Learning Institute; Rikki Hunt, former managing director of Burmah Petroleum and polar explorer; Michael Basman, organiser of the world's largest junior chess tournament; Steve Redgrave, multiple olympic rowing gold medallist and Brain of the Year; Anton Mosimann, world renowned chef; Michael Gelb of High Performance Learning; Ted Hughes, the Poet Laureate.

Topics include: mental literacy; amazing memory stories; Marcel Duchamp; creativity and art; maximising your own creativity; brain sell; overcoming dyslexia; the significance of dreams; Brain Club conference; the Memoriad; intellectual capital; expand your memory potential; the da Vinci trophy; male and female brain compared.

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