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English 1...N-KB3 Systems
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By Watson, John L.
ISBN 1843821451
SERIES Hardinge Simpole Classic Openings
Paperback  260 pages
Subject [Chess ]
Published 30 July 2004
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First published by Batsford in 1979. Volume 2 deals with all variations after 1 P-QB4 N-KB3 in which Black refrains from playing ...P-K4 or ...P-QB4 early on. In most books on the English, authors have ignored or only briefly discussed lines related to the Grünfeld and King's Indian Defences; but here Watson sets out this material at great length. Popular systems involving the move ...P-K3 are deeply researched and analysed, including the 'Queen's English', 'Nimzo-English', and Mikenas-Flohr Attack. Understanding the ideas behind these variations is essential for club and tournament players who wish to play the English or have to meet it with Black.

Watson's aim throughout has been to provide a practical balance of theory, discussion and examples. With encyclopaedic coverage and many original suggestions, this series gives the reader the ability to understand the complexities of the English Opening and to play it with confidence.

International Master John Watson is widely known as a player, author, and chess trainer. His books have won numerous awards including Book-of-the-Year awards for "Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy" and "Chess Strategy in Action".

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