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Curious and Amazing Adventures of Maria ter Meetelen; Twelve Years a Slave, The (1731- 43)
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By ter Meetelen, Maria. Introduced by Caroline Stone. Translated by Caroline Stone and Karen Johnson.
ISBN 1843822172
SERIES Travellers in the Wider Levant
Paperback  188 pages
Published 24 September, 2010
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US Price $25.00   

"From the age of thirteen I wandered abroad and at twenty-one I decided to take a little trip across France dressed as a man....." Maria ter Meetelen tells the story of her capture by Barbary pirates and twelve years as a slave at Meknčs in Morocco. Straightforward and with no literary pretensions, her voice comes down the centuries, robust, clear, personal and often surprising: "I do not complain at having been so far across the world, nor of my twelve years of slavery, nor of the suffering the Turks caused me, I can rise above that. But the spitefulness and derision that my husband and I suffered from our fellow-countrymen cannot be forgotten, and is impossible for me to set it down here in writing."

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